Retired Judge Diane Ritchie Recognized as a Top Attorney

Former County of Santa Clara Judge Diane Ritchie
Judge Diane Ritchie

As a judge for the Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara, Judge Diane Ritchie presided over thousands of cases. As a Civil Trial Judge, she had broad experience handling cases ranging from high-tech business and investment disputes, through breach of contract, fraud, personal injury and real estate cases to probate, family law, and toxics litigation.

Prior to becoming a judge, Diane Ritchie managed a legal practice in San Jose, CA. She was chosen by San Jose Magazine as one of Silicon Valley’s Best Lawyers. The magazine compiles the list of Silicon Valley’s Best Lawyers by asking attorneys at the courthouse, “if you or a close family member required assistance for a problem within your area of legal expertise, which Silicon Valley attorney would you most like to see handle their case?” Based on the answers the magazine receives, it creates a list of attorneys recommended by their peers in more than nineteen areas of law. The magazine listed Diane Ritchie as one of the best lawyers in Silicon Valley in the area of Labor Law.

Simply Fun – Making Mindful Toy Purchases

Judge Diane Ritchie pic
Judge Diane Ritchie

Diane Ritchie is a retired judge who served on the Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara. She presided over both criminal and civil cases. She works as a mediator in San Jose, California.

Judge Diane Ritchie enjoys traveling and collecting unique handmade treasures purchased from directly from the artisans.

Judge Diane Ritchie has traveled to countries ranging from Ireland, England, France and Belgium, to South Africa and Lesotho, China, Israel and many others.

In her travels, Judge Diane Ritchie has collected treasures ranging from delicate glass and crystal objects, to fanciful handmade art objects and toys, to strange curios and traditional crafts. They make great gifts and she has many of them in her home. Some of her treasures include: handmade Belgium lace purchased from lace makers; Waterford crystal from Waterford, Ireland; and art glass from “Antigua Santiago” glass factory” in Tonala, Mexico.

Other art objects Judge Diane Ritchie has purchased in her travels include little carvings out of agave wood from Lesotho of the traditional Basotho house called a “rondavel” (see ). Diane Ritchie has also collected tiny delicate figurines made of rice dough known as “mianhu,” a traditional art form from China going back thousands of years (see She has also purchased, strange curios in China like the tiny figures made from the furry buds of magnolia flowers for the bodies, and the legs, pincers and skulls of sloughed-off dried cicada shells for the face and legs called “maohou,”(which literally translates as “hairy monkeys”) a Chinese traditional folk art which goes back three hundred years (see

Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado

Gilbert and Sullivan pic
Gilbert and Sullivan

Judge Diane Ritchie is a retired judge based in Santa Clara County and currently works as a mediator. In her spare time, Judge Diane Ritchie enjoys light opera, also known as comic opera, particularly the works of Gilbert and Sullivan.

Gilbert and Sullivan collaborated on fourteen light operas in the late 1800s. One of their most popular works is The Mikado. Like all of Gilbert and Sullivan’s works, it is a commentary on the class structure of Victorian society with witty lyrics and music, which ranges from bright and lively to mournful and beautiful. The plot is filled with funny twists and turns. As with almost all of Gilbert and Sullivan’s works, in the end love conquers class distinctions and everyone gets married.

The Plot of the Mikado:
The Mikado, the emperor of Japan, is in search of Nanki-Poo, his only son. Nanki-Poo has fled the imperial court to escape marriage to Katisha, an elderly lady of the court. He is disguised a traveling minstrel, when he falls in love with a village girl, Yum-Yum. She is already betrothed to Ko-Ko, her guardian. Nanki-Poo cannot live without Yum-Yum so he decides to commit suicide. Hearing of this, Ko-ko and two of the villagers convince Nanki-Poo, to instead allow himself to be executed, so they can show the emperor they are enforcing the imperial law against flirting which is punishable by death. Before the execution is performed, they tell the emperor an elaborate series of lies explaining how they have executed a minstrel called Nanki-Poo for flirting. The emperor sentences each of them to death for killing his son. To escape execution, Ko-ko convinces the emperor’s son to show his father he is alive, by promising to woo and marry the lady from court. This frees the emperor’s son and the village girl to marry. The play ends with everyone, including all of the members of the chorus, paired up in marriages of their own.

Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado opened in London in 1885, where it was performed to packed crowds for two years. The D’Oyly Carte Opera Company was created to perform the works of Gilbert and Sullivan. From the 1870s until 1982, they performed nearly year-round in the Brittan, Europe, North America, and other parts of the world. The plays are still performed around the world. At least three companies in the San Francisco Bay Area continue to perform Gilbert and Sullivan, including the Lamplighters in San Francisco; the Stanford Savoyards; and the Lyric Theater in San Jose

Judge Diane Ritchie – Fair and Even Temperament


Judge Diane Ritchie pic
Judge Diane Ritchie

Judge Diane Ritchie recently retired from her office as Judge Superior Court of California County of Santa. Clara. Holden Green, a trial lawyer who appeared in front of Judge Diane Ritchie on a number of cases, says the judge was fair and of even temperament.

Holden Green is a seasoned lawyer whose practice includes business and criminal law. He holds a law degree as well as a master’s degree in organizational management. Mr. Green is familiar with the people working in the Santa Clara County courthouse system, and is also a known figure in the local and legal communities.

He is the principal attorney at the Law Offices of Holden W. Green, a professional corporation based in San Jose, California. The firm represents clients in San Jose and throughout the Bay Area of California. While providing variety of legal service for its clients, the firm mainly concentrates on criminal defense. The law office also provides a free 35-minute initial consultation.