About Diane Ritchie

Former County of Santa Clara Judge Diane RitchieCalifornia attorney Diane Ritchie has represented clients in more than one thousand cases, including more than one hundred bench and jury trials. In her private practice, Diane Ritchie & Associates at 480 North First Street in San Jose, she represents employees and small employers in discrimination, wrongful termination, wage and hour disputes, and other employment law cases in federal and state court.

Diane Ritchie began her career at Senior Adults Legal Assistance and Disability Law Center in California. She then worked for the Law Offices of Harry Margolis in business and tax litigation. She moved on to become a Deputy District Attorney for Santa Clara County, prosecuting cases, including child molestation. After leaving the District Attorney’s office, she joined a general practice civil law firm where she practiced personal injury, real estate, family law, and wrongful termination. In 1995, she became a Partner at Employment Rights Attorneys, where she practiced employment law through litigation, settlement, and trial.

Since opening Diane Ritchie & Associates in 1997, she has co-counseled in several important cases, including two class action lawsuits against fast food enterprises. One case was against Taco Bell Corp. and the other was against Wendy’s. In each case, she represented managers and assistant managers throughout the state of California for unpaid overtime. Mynaf v. Taco Bell settled for thirteen million dollars. Haley v. Wendy’s settled for over one million dollars. In addition, she represented high school students who suffered discrimination and harassment on the basis of sexual orientation against the Morgan Hill Unified School District. The case settled for compensation for her clients for the loss of their high school education totaling more than one million dollars and changes by the school in policy and training to insure against future discrimination and harassment on the basis of sexual orientation. Bill O’Reilly congratulated her on his program for obtaining equal treatment for her clients.

Diane Ritchie is a member of the Santa Clara County Bar Association, the California Employment Lawyers Association, the National Employment Lawyers Association, the Consumer Attorneys of California, and the United States Supreme Court Bar Association. She is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley, where she earned a B.A. Diane Ritchie received a J.D. at Golden Gate University School of Law. She has also completed more than eighty hours of mediation training.


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