Retired Judge Diane Ritchie Recognized as a Top Attorney

Former County of Santa Clara Judge Diane Ritchie

Judge Diane Ritchie

As a judge for the Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara, Judge Diane Ritchie presided over thousands of cases. As a Civil Trial Judge, she had broad experience handling cases ranging from high-tech business and investment disputes, through breach of contract, fraud, personal injury and real estate cases to probate, family law, and toxics litigation.

Prior to becoming a judge, Diane Ritchie managed a legal practice in San Jose, CA. She was chosen by San Jose Magazine as one of Silicon Valley’s Best Lawyers. The magazine compiles the list of Silicon Valley’s Best Lawyers by asking attorneys at the courthouse, “if you or a close family member required assistance for a problem within your area of legal expertise, which Silicon Valley attorney would you most like to see handle their case?” Based on the answers the magazine receives, it creates a list of attorneys recommended by their peers in more than nineteen areas of law. The magazine listed Diane Ritchie as one of the best lawyers in Silicon Valley in the area of Labor Law.


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