Simply Fun – Making Mindful Toy Purchases

Judge Diane Ritchie pic

Judge Diane Ritchie

Diane Ritchie is a retired judge who served on the Superior Court of California, County of Santa Clara. She presided over both criminal and civil cases. She works as a mediator in San Jose, California.

Judge Diane Ritchie enjoys traveling and collecting unique handmade treasures purchased from directly from the artisans.

Judge Diane Ritchie has traveled to countries ranging from Ireland, England, France and Belgium, to South Africa and Lesotho, China, Israel and many others.

In her travels, Judge Diane Ritchie has collected treasures ranging from delicate glass and crystal objects, to fanciful handmade art objects and toys, to strange curios and traditional crafts. They make great gifts and she has many of them in her home. Some of her treasures include: handmade Belgium lace purchased from lace makers; Waterford crystal from Waterford, Ireland; and art glass from “Antigua Santiago” glass factory” in Tonala, Mexico.

Other art objects Judge Diane Ritchie has purchased in her travels include little carvings out of agave wood from Lesotho of the traditional Basotho house called a “rondavel” (see ). Diane Ritchie has also collected tiny delicate figurines made of rice dough known as “mianhu,” a traditional art form from China going back thousands of years (see She has also purchased, strange curios in China like the tiny figures made from the furry buds of magnolia flowers for the bodies, and the legs, pincers and skulls of sloughed-off dried cicada shells for the face and legs called “maohou,”(which literally translates as “hairy monkeys”) a Chinese traditional folk art which goes back three hundred years (see


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